Tổng hợp 1 số game cho Iphone 4

Heavy Mach [2009] | Platform: iPhone | Genre: Arcade | Screenshot

iPhone Game 4
March 5, 2009 – Heavy Mach is a value-priced action game that looks great and gives you a lot of bang for your buck. There are no fewer than thirty stages in Heavy Mach, so it’s going to take some time before you beat them all.

You control a giant tank equipped with missiles, lasers, bombs, a howitzer and more. The game is rather simple: just tilt the device to move the tank left or right and tap the lever in the lower left of the screen to jump. To fire, just hold your finger on the part of the screen you want your tank to shoot at. You have an unlimited ammo for your default machine gun, but there are a lot of ammo replenishment crates to pick up along the way for powered-up shots, so don’t be afraid to use the good stuff. Use the jump button wisely (double-tap to jump higher) to launch over incoming enemy fire, all the while blasting back at the numerous helicopters, missile launchers, tanks, and enormous boss machines that await you.

You only have one life per stage, so don’t try to plow right through the game. I do wish the enemies fired a bit more often than they do, though, because they’re pretty easy to destroy. Boss battles are tougher, but you usually have the needed weaponry to deal with them. Shield and health icons are both plentiful and useful. The game also saves your progress after each stage. You also earn experience points that can be used to upgrade your tanks defense, mobility, or weapons.

The graphics look great, with a lot of detail in the levels and enemies. There are many different enemies which really keep the game looking and feeling fresh. Enemy fire is easy to see. There’s no music, but the sound effects are fantastic and I had the game volume cranked the entire time.

Download Heavy Mach v1.13 (Size: 30 MB – English)

Link download

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